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Terence W. Hilton-Clarke

I was born on April 30, 1974 in my hometown of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
It was here, in the capital, that I attended high school at Fatima College from 1986 to 1993. Following this, I spent three years at the University of the West Indies at St Augustine, graduating in 1996 with an Upper Second Class Honours B.A. Degree in English.

It was while still a student at U.W.I. that I started developing my media skills. I spent the summer of 1994 working at CCN-TV 6 - a Port of Spain television station - and spent two months at the Trinidad Express newspaper in 1995. After working at TV 6 for fifteen months (May 1996 to August 1997), I decided to make a return to the print media and was employed by the Independent newspaper as a sports writer until August 1998, when I received a Fellowship from the O.A.S. to read for an MS in Communications
(Broadcasting) at the University of Miami. I graduated in May 1999 with a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism.


Graduating at the U.M.(Miami)

My interest in sports (I am a capable footballer) has proven to be beneficial. My penchant for keeping records and retaining important facts has assisted me greatly in my professional endeavours. While I do specialize in football (soccer), track and field and boxing, current conditions occasionally demand sojourns into other sports such as cricket and rugby. The result of this has been an increasing knowledge of various disciplines - an important requisite in Trinidad where resources pale in comparison to what is accustomed in more developed countries. At present I am a Newseditor at Channel t.v.6 and a columnist at the National Review.

In the "bunker" - University of Miami




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